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Pharmaceutical logistics for Spain and Portugal

Our partners of the Logista Group are the number one Pharmaceutical Logistic operators in Iberia. Offering the widest range of logistic services throughout the entire supply chain. 

  • Cold chain logistics for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Logistic Platforms in Spain and Portugal for multi-client pharmaceutical warehousing

  • Transport Hubs for the nationwide delivery of 

  • - pallets, multiple parcel shipments, heavy weight parcels 

  • - courier network services for urgent parcels Direct delivery at laboratories, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

  • leading temperature-controlled delivery distribution network in Spain, Portugal and Andorra 

  • participating member of the AEFI (Association of the Spanish Pharmaceutical Industry) and the AESEG (Spanish Association of Generic Medicine Manufacturers).

Key features pharma logistic services

  • Reliability, expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical industry since 1987 

  • Expertise knowledge of the requirements and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry 

  • In line with GDP objectives and legal framework 

  • - Vehicle mapping Warning and alarm systems 

  • - On-line temperature graphs 

  • Going Green 

  • Certified since 2007, audits on a yearly basis according to the CCQI (Cool Chain Quality Indicator) standard.

  • Temperature controlled service levels 

Temperature controlled: +2º and +8º Celsius
Designed for the delivery of temperature-sensitive products that require meticulous temperature control during the shipping process: Vaccines, diagnostics, cancer medicines, insulin, and any kind of sensitive product that also requires temperature control during transport to the dispensary and/or pharmacy in accordance with the instructions given by the laboratory’s technical management.

Temperature controlled: 25º Celsius 
Guarantees product stability and avoids sharp changes in temperature, or unacceptable high temperatures, during the logistics processes involved in distribution in a country with different climatic zones, and where for 6 months of the year the temperatures recorded in conventional transport networks can easily reach more than 60ºC.

The exclusive services provided for the pharmaceutical sector guarantee that the medicines being transported are safe, secure and protected from unacceptably high or low temperatures.

Experience in Pharma logistics
Currently, a high percentage of the business comes from the pharmaceutical sector, via a large majority of manufacturing laboratories in Spain and we carry out cross-docking operations for the distribution networks of laboratories that do not have their own warehouses in Mainland Spain and Portugal. 

Due to the specialization in Healthcare a wide range of specific delivery services and additional services are provided, including express delivery with Guaranteed Time Deliveries to medical centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical wholesalers, clinics and private healthcare centers, pharmacies, dental clinics and clinical analysis laboratories.

We would be delighted to invite you at our platform in Madrid or Barcelona and to discuss with our mutual experts team the opportunities of Door-to-Door solution from your EDC in the Benelux to your customers in Spain and Portugal.

Please send an Email to sales@speedlink.nl or contact us at +31235650175.

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